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 How to transforum GTA :: SA into a real game...

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PostSubject: How to transforum GTA :: SA into a real game...   Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:39 am

What you will need to download:

A good modding site
IMG tool v2.0
Map editor
San andreas ultimate editor tool
SAAT GUI frontend 1.0 final

For better performance you must have a performant PC
Grand Theft Auto:San andreas (v1.00 or mods will crash your game half way throu loading)
Ether WinZip or WinRAR




Elegant : Buick Roadmaster
Tahoma : Oldsmobile Cutlass
Majestic : Buick Grand National / Chevy Monte Carlo
Fourtune : Ford Thunderbird
Solair : Ford Taurus wagon
Manana : Dodge Aries
Clover : Chevy Nova
Monster : Chevy S-10 Monster Truck
Walton : Chevy Farm Truck
Banshee : Dodge Viper
Police : Chevy Caprice
Ranger : Chevy Blazer
Premium : Chevy Caprice
Rancher : Chevy Blazer
Ambulance: Ford Econoline
Taxi : Chevy Caprice
Primo : Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera?
Greenwood: Dodge Diplomat
Oceanic : Plymouth Belverdere
Glendale : Dodge Dart
Esperanto: Cadillac Eldorado
Club : Volkswagen Golf
Patriot : Hummer H-1
Mesa : Jeep Wrangler
Sabre : Chevy Chevelle
Camper : Volkswagen Bus
Journey : GMC R.V.
Stretch : Lincoln Towncar
Voodoo : Chevy Biscayne
Cheetah : Ferrari Testarosso
Sandkind : Ford Bronco
Broadway : *
Tanker : Gas Tanker
Linerunner: Big Rig
Mower : Ride-On Lawn Mower
Utility Van: Chevy 2500
Perennial: Jeep Grand Wagoneer
Savana : Chevy Impala
Burrito : Dodge Ramvan
Benson : Ford Moving Van
Boxville : Chevy Cargo Van
Admiral : Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Sentinal : BMW 7-Series
Regina : Chevy Caprice Estate
Elegy : Nissan R34 Skyline
Bravura : Mercury Cougar
Cadrona : Ford Escort?
Nebula : Lincoln Towncar?
Huntley : Range Rover Freelander
Vincent : *
Stratum : Honda Accord Wagon
Flash : Honda Civic
Feltzer : Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
Yosemite : GMC Sierra
Cabbie : NYC Cab
Intruder : *
Super GT : Mitsubishi 3000 GT
Newsvan : Dodge Ramvan Newsvan
Sadler : Dodge 100 Series
ZR-350 : Mazda RX-7
Sunrise : *
Emperor : *
Jester : Toyota Supra
Merit : *
Bullet : Ford GT-40
Alpha : *
Buccaneer: *
Picador : *
Previon : *
Stafford : Rolls Royce
Tampa : Dodge Roadrunner
Euros : *
Phoenix : Pontiac Trans AM
Uranus : Eagle Talon
Hotknife : Ford Hot Rod
Infernus : Acura NSX
Turismo : *
Windsor : *
DFT-30 : Flatbed
Dozer : Bulldozer
Cement Truck
Combine Harvester
Dumper : Dumptruck
Mr. Whoopee: Chevy Ice Cream Truck
Hotdogs : Hotdog Van

The "*" means that you cannot replace that car!




Now here comes the hardest part of all modding.Maps.Now If you want SA to look like the real world maps and buildings are important.So lets install some new buildings.Now for this you must use IMG tool 2.0.If you haven't downloaded it already go back to the top of this tutorial and click the IMG tool link.Now once you downloaded IMG tool go to the GTA mods folder you created and create a new folder called "buildings/maps"Now go to click the link where it says "click here" to download some buildings.Download all of your buildings to the "buildings/maps" folder you made.Once you downloaded 1 building got to the buildings/map folder where you downloaded it to (when downloading buildings on the download windows click "save as" and select the buildings/maps folder)Now use a ether Winzip or Winrar to extract the .zip or .rar folder to the same location.(extract the files to the buildings/maps location.) Now open up IMG tool 2.0 and on the file tab,click open,and go to your GTA San Andreas folder,click models,And open up Gta3.img.It should come up with all the .dff and the .txt files in the game.Now go to the edit tab and click find.Then type in the name of your downloaded building files.If you typed it in correctly you should see the buildings .dff and .txt files,now on the dff file right click it and click "replace" and find your downloaded building mod and find the .dff file and replace it.Now do the same thing with the txd file.But its recommended you make a folder called "backups" in your GTA mods folder.And before you replace files right click on the files your about to replace and click "extract" and extract the files to a backup folder so you can restore the back-ups by replacing the same files.After when your done replacing your files go to actions and click "rebuild archive".And it will commit the changes.(meaning it saves the changes made.) now if you want to install maps,click here to download some maps.Now instead of using IMG tool,download the maps to your buildings/maps folder that you created.Extract those files to the same location.And go inside the folder to find the map files.Copy those map files,go to your GTA San Andreas folder,find the maps,and paste the files there,if it asks you to replace the files click yes.But first copy the original map files and paste in the backup folder you made in your GTA mods folder.If it edits the Main.scm file you may need to make a new game.If it doesn't than you don't need a new game.If you need to make a few adjustments to the maps and buildings,go back to the top of the tutorial and download the link that says "map editor".And here's a good tutorial of how to use map editor. And that about covers for maps/buildings.Oh and you may also need to edit the gta.dat file.So it can load the maps files.




Its time for real-world sounds.If you want real world sounds download SAAT GUI frontend 1.0 at the top of this tutorial.Then download that tool to the GTA mods folder you made.Then extract the .zip to the same location.After that do what the "readme" says to do,then if a directory error message comes up,select the folder where your GTA San Andreas installation is.After when you successfully it should open.It will have the radio tunes and other sound files.Lets start out simple.Go here to download some sound mods.But first go to your created GTA mods folder and create another new folder called "sounds".Save all of your sound downloads there.Once you downloaded your sound file and extracted to the same location go to SAAT gui and select the GENREL tab in SAAT.When it loads it should have all the banks of sounds in San Andreas.So go to your downloaded sound mod folder and it should have a "readme". Open it up and it should tell you what Bank to open up.Then open up the bank that the "readme" tells you to and click the folder on top of the SAAT window that has a clock wise arrow.(or just hover your cursor over the folders to for a few seconds and it tells you what the button does) extracts all the sounds to your created backup folder so you can restore the back ups.Then click the replace button and find your downloaded sound mod folder in your "sounds" folder that you made.Replace the correct sounds as it tells you and once your done with that click the floppy disk button to export the your new sounds to the San Andreas sound files.And that should do it for sounds.And that's all there is to it.Keep on modding San Andreas to the real thing and you might have you self some game there.

Enjoy! Smile
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How to transforum GTA :: SA into a real game...
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